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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is adding the correct words to a website so that the right results are returned by a search engine. If you are looking for a chemist for example, you would type into Google or Bing something like:

Chemist, pharmacy, Portsmouth (or your local town) PO5 4DF (or your local post code).

This is known as local search. In your website we would place text and code that will enable Google or Bing to place your page on the first page for the keyword or keyword phrase that you want to be found.

What is a key word?

If you are looking for a chemist for example,  keywords would be :

chemist, pharmacy, herbalist, prescriptions, dispensary, arthritis, gynecology, nutrition, pain relief, pain pills, cough mixture etc.

What is a long-chain keyword phase?

A long-chain keyword phrase would be something like:

Chemist or pharmacy in Portsmouth, PO5 4DF selling prescriptions  for arthritis to reduce swelling and pain.

You will see that that the long-chain keyword phrase contains eight keywords. There are many permutations available to make sure your product is found on the search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is internet marketing that increases a site’s visibility through organic search engine results and advertising. 

Having placed the correct words on your page, the next job is to promote your website to the major search engines.

Both SEO and SEM is an ongoing exercise and needs to be updated on a regular monthly basis.

Search in Google

Try this for an example – type rebar grips into google and you will find the following result – both results, 1st & 2nd on the first page on Google  are for

Rebar Grips – Rebar Grips

WB Equipment supplier of Enerpac Cylinders, Lifting Products & Systems, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Synchronous Lifting Systems, Hydraulic pumps and …

Rebar Grips – WB Equipment › products › rebar-grips

Tel: 866-522-5464 REBAR GRIPS Enerpac – Simplex RENTAL • SALES • SERVICE Quick acting grips are perfect for pullout testing of grouted re-bar on …

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