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Web Development

We build exclusively with WordPress, which lends your site to be responsive to all formats, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

With the advent of Elementor Pro, Jet Engine and other excellent plugins that work with WordPress, we can build you a custom website that will look great on a desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

We host all our sites on our dedicated WordPress servers. These servers are configured to accommodate the work that WordPress asks of them. We also have many layers of security, including iThemes and BadBot.

Some of Our Websites

GDA Trading
GDA is a company that sells kitchen appliances on Malta

Hear Again Malta
Hear Again Malta is an audio hearing aid company on Malta

The Walters Group
Real Estate and Financial company in New Jersey, USA

Abercorn Lodge
Masonic Lodge on Malta

Sail Dreams
Yacht Charter and sailing school, Trinidad & Tobago

Patricia Miller Design
Residential design company in Connecticut, USA

Masonry in Malta

The Pipers Cove
Scottish and Irish goods in New Jersey, USA

WB Equipment
Heavy Indusustrial equipment supplier in New Jersey, America

KJ Cleaning
Private cleaning company in Yorkshire, England

Yacht Watch 360
Yacht Charter and sailing school, Trinidad & Tobago

WB Equipment News
Industrial News – New Jersey, USA

Stainless Steel Fabrications
Fabrication of stainless steel.

Supranos Group
Supranos Group Ltd.

Footedge Media